Flatwater LODGE Bunkhouse

Our Flatwater Bunkhouse can be used as an additional guest house for large groups lodging in combination with the main house or a stand alone rental for smaller groups. The cabin can sleep up to 4 guests in 2 bunk systems that each contain a full size bed and a twin size bed and has plenty of amenities to operate by itself including a kitchenette with stove, sink, refrigerator, cabinets, full bathroom with shower and storage closet with small sitting area with flatscreen TV for entertainment. There is an attached 2 door garage unit which has been converted to help function with outfitted trips. The first garage bay separates the second garage bay from the guest quarters. That first bay is used as a large storage area for the entire lodge and a housekeeping area. In the second bay we have decided to install bunks to house guides and outfitters. Now this area is nothing fancy but is a place for the guides to lay their heads inside while visiting the Missouri River, Montana from other areas. This "guide shack" will have 2 twin beds along with a wader/gear area and small refrigerator for lunches and beverages. Although this area is not as nice as the rest of the facility it is indoors, dry, comfortable, clean and is simply perfect for fishing guides!