Flatwater Lodge - Dining Options

Starting in 2014 Flatwater Lodge incorporated a few dining options to experiment with demand and our private chef's meals were so well received we decided to offer dining options in our line up full time. Flatwater will be offering breakfast and dinner options to all groups with at least 6 in their party. Our private chef comes with experience, skill, creativity and flexibility which will allow Flatwater's guests to experience any dining option imaginable. If you prefer a 5 course meal at our 10 person dining table or just a nice, simple barbecue on the deck we will accommodate you. Breakfasts will consist of quick, get on the water options to made to order and dinners are also flexible with sit down service, family style serving to barbecues on the deck. Whatever it is you are looking for we will make it happen. Pricing will range from $15 - $25 per person for breakfast and $40 - $75 for dinners - it all depends on what you want. Due to the flexibility and fluctuation in pricing please contact Flatwater Lodge via email at info@flatwaterlodge or call 406-581-9577 for more information and questions on how to set up meal options. We are happy to discuss and provide a great dining experience! We believe you will find that after a day on the water, sitting back with your family and friends at the lodge overlooking the Missouri River, enjoying food and drink without anymore logistics or travel is not only relaxing and fun but simply a great way to finish your day!